The two online courses below have been combined for best value and education. The courses go hand in hand ensuring you have the best start in Aesthetics when administering facial fillers and preventing and managing complications. The combo course is immediately available upon enrollment and can be accessed at your convenience.

Course 1: Novice Facial Filler Online Training Course

Welcome to the Novice Facial Filler Training Course which offers instant online access from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, tablet and computer.

Learning Objectives

After completing the online course, the participant should be better able to:

  • Explain patient evaluation, assessment, preparation including consent/informed consent and pre-treatment care
  • Describe and discuss deep periosteal injections used to restore framing of the face
  • Describe and discuss subcutaneous and dermal injections to restore and rejuvenate soft natural curves of the middle face soft tissue
  • Discuss the evolution of Hyaluronic Acid fillers
  • Discuss the impact aging has on the hyaluronic acid found naturally in skin
  • Recognize components of facial layer aging and how each layer ages and effects another when determining the treatment plan
  • Explain/identify needle injection vs cannula techniques
  • Recognize complications including acute HA filler associated ischemia related to mechanical blood flow obstruction indicative of HA filler within the artery
  • Identify tools, supplies, post-procedure instructions needed as well as tips to avoid complications when injecting dermal fillers
  • Describe the action/use of Hyaluronidase when implementing the Hyaluronidase Protocol for Hyaluronic Acid Filler adverse events

Course 2: Prevention, Recognition, Management of Ischemic Events Related to Facial Fillers On-line Training Course

Welcome to Prevention, Recognition, Management of Ischemic Events Related to Facial Fillers On-line Training Course. This course is an absolute must for any health care provider looking to provide facial fillers.

Aesthetic practices, protocols, products and trends change rapidly, and it’s important for conscientious aesthetic practitioners to remain informed and up-to-date. Through request from Ranas colleagues she has developed a frank and informative online course for practitioners looking to increase their knowledge of safety practice with facial injectables. Rana will share her vast experience and knowledge to separate the myths from reality and explore prevention methods, recognition and management of ischemic events from facial filler.

Rana believes in complete transparency around the subjects of the risks, prevention and management of complications from aesthetic injections. She believes knowledge is power and provides the essential knowledge every aesthetic expert needs to treat patients with complete confidence. During this online course she shares her own experience with an ischemic event and interviews an expert provider about their personal account of blindness with facial filler and how it was successfully reversed. 

Learning Objectives

After completing the online course, the participant should be better able to:

  • Differentiate bruises from ischemia post Hyaluronic Acid filler injection and identify common patterns of ischemic injury
  • Understand the three mechanisms of vascular occlusion related to Hyaluronic Acid filler injection
  • Identify the progression of ischemia based on assessment findings
  • Summarize treatment (reversibility) for vascular compromise caused by various Hyaluronic Acid filler injections using high dose pulsed hyaluronidase protocol
  • Although infrequent, recognize the potential for blindness caused by Hyaluronic Acid filler injection
  • List contents of aesthetic emergency crash kit must haves and crash kit add-ons.

Don’t miss this valuable and important opportunity to update your knowledge and augment your education in order to practice safely and be well prepared for an ischemic event.


Upon successful completion of the online course you will receive:

  • This nursing continuing professional development activity approved by the Ohio Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation
  • 11.0 CE hours
  • One certificate for each course, for a total of 2 certificates

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